Grass Fed Lambs at Philip’s Pharm

For our January 27th dinner, we again have the great opportunity to work with whole animals from Philip’s Pharm.
Farmer Chris Philips Has a small flock of 10 sheep that he is raising in the northern part of Nashville. The sheep are a cross breed of Katahdin and Dorper sheep, two breeds that are raised specifically for meat. The Katahdin breed is known as very high quality meat breed, producing lambs that are naturally lean with a mild flavor. Dorper sheep are also a quality meat breed, and are known for their foraging skills. In addition to feeding on the grass pasture across the five farm acres, the Philip’s Pharm sheep are also scouring the forest floor this time of year and eating acorns.
Sheep on Philip’s Pharm lead a very happy life, interacting with farmer Chris on a daily basis. On January 27th, our dinner at Cafe Fundamental we will be a four course menu prepared from two whole lambs. We are so grateful to be able to source these high quality, humanely raised animals from a local farm right here in Davidson County!

2 thoughts on “Grass Fed Lambs at Philip’s Pharm

  1. I would love to attend and support HON, any chance of y’all offering vegetarian options in the future? Totally cool if not…

    • Hi Ryan-We actually had a discussion after reading your comment today, and I think we will possibly be doing a vegetarian dinner in the late spring/early summer. Thanks for the idea, and definitely stay tuned!

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